Like any other visit to bombay (Mumbai), my husband and i walked down the crowded streets of Crawford Market. Whoever says its a hassle or its boring, is a fool. We love going there even without any agenda. Its an ispiring, very high-energy level place and not to mention after one starts living in Goa, crawford market is an explosion of resources. I love Goa, so don’t get me wrong. But these vistis to resourceful places is more refreshing than sweaty! Anyhow, coming to the point, i spotted this old man selling bottle brushes by dozens, sitting on one side on the road. And these vibrant colors all mixed up were so inspiring that without knowing what i wanted to do with them, i picked up 6 dozens of bottle brushes. Well i made a lamp from the brushes, which decorate the verandah of my house now.

And did i add, its called ‘clean’ for a reason. Not only because the bottle brushes are meant for cleaning, but because the ‘brush-skirt’ can be removed and cleaned with water in case u live in a dusty or a cob-weby place!


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