This was a product photo shoot that i carried out in a an almost village set-up, which had to be set up with the most basic equipment and lights available. There is also an image of the set-up done with a light box made from waste carton, rough tracing paper and incandescent lamps.

The products to be photographed were hand-crafted bamboo products by the craftsmen of Tripura, a north-eastern state in India. Bamboo sustains livelihood of almost 80% of the population in many ways. While i was designing products using bamboo, i was offered this job and i was only too happy to have this chance. I read up articles from the internet on setting up basic studios, accessories to carry and checklists before you wrap up. Turned out to be quite an amazing experience to have this government office turn into a studio by the evening, the onlookers from the outside anxious to have themselves photographed, and then coming down with a throat infection because all the products were covered in fungus at the time of the shoot. Nothing to regret, i sing as beautifully as before!! hehe!

Here are some pictures of the products. I love designing with local materials, Indian crafts and if you want me to travel to obscure places to shoot, contact me. The only request being that the place must have fresh air and water, which i believe any obscure place always has!


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