I confess that i have a fetish for stools. If there is anything i want to specialize in, it is ‘stool design’. Stools are such non-existent things in any interior space, and yet so multifunctional, and all-purpose.

I wish i could pose like this man here, with all my designs around me. I am getting there soon!

In any case, this is about stool designs i like and not what i have designed.

Here is stool by CuldeSac, and they call it wood welding. How interesting a concept is that!

Now this is what i am talking about, simple, functional and non-intrusive.

This is from a series done as a student project. Check out the other work by clicking on the link.


I love the work by Pinch Studio, London. I think it is neat and very functional. Click on the link to view their website.


I like the idea of a rocking stool, but i am not sure which direction will this rock in!

Folding seats, and that too a yellow one!

Neat idea, this stool breaks into two, for easy transportation, and then put together for storage needs

That is a seat i saw few months back, but i can’t recall the name of the designer. Coming back shortly with more information.


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