The task was to create some fun and functional pieces for  Junior Library at Horizon School, Calicutt.

Sit and Store: An alternate to the usual Table and chair postures that kids are forced to use in classrooms. Kids love being closer to the floor. The storage has partitions to support taller books and organise.

Stand and Read: For large size books that a child might find difficult to carry. Some recommended reading can be left open each week for the kids to quickly browse through.

Administrator’s desk: With display in front for new arrivals to keep the child engaged without creating unnecessary level barriers between the older and the young.

Storage and poster display: The zig-zag pattern was designed for the layout, as it let us fit more for the given length, and also be accessed from both sides. Each storage unit offers two sides for posters/ labels and the book ends on top gives breathing space by keeping the bulk limited to a shorter height.

Although many additions and finishing activities were still left when I visited the school in Calicutt, this is what it looked like.


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